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Acrobatic Dance (Acro)

Acro is a beautiful fusion of classic dance technique with the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements.

This exciting style of dance has similarities to rhythmic gymnastics

but focuses on incorporating acrobatics into performance dance, 

rather than a little dance into a gymnastics routine.

Acrobatic dance has become popular thanks to shows like Dance Moms and The Next Step. 

Professional dancers these days are almost expected to have some acrobatic skills in their repertoire. 

The strength, flexibility and control elements of acro make it great cross-training for ballet students.

We use the internationally renowned Acrobatics Arts Syllabus.

​How our acro classes work

From years of teaching acro we have recognised that there are two groups of students who enjoy this style. 

Dancers who also take technique classes and may take their dancing more seriously, and those that may just love acro because it's fun.

To cater to both groups our classes are categorised into Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 

Students are coached at their individual ability level within classes of specialised focus; 

each class can accommodate students working at several different levels

Acro Babies

New in 2023 we are excited to introduce our acro preschool programme.

Developed for those more adventurous 3 - 5 year olds that love being up-side-down.

Wonderful introduction to acro dance while making new friends!

Our littlest acrobats will perform a dance in our annual production to show off their skills. 

Bronze Acro

Is our fun focused class, where students enjoy learning new acrobatic skills, gaining strength, control and coordination. 

This class may be for beginners just starting or those that only wish to take acro as a stand-alone class.

Students can continue to progress up the levels at their own pace in this class.

Bronze students are given the opportunity to perform in our annual production but are not expected to sit exams.

Silver Acro

For students with 2+ years acro experience who also take technique dance classes each week. Taking a ballet or jazz class alongside acro allows students to progress faster with their acro and use their acrobatic skills more effectively in choreography. 

Silver students enjoy performing a more complex acro dance for our annual production and are expected to sit annual exams. 

Gold Acro

Students earn their place in our Gold Acro class when they have reached Acrobatic Arts level 3 or higher

and take multiple dance technique classes weekly. 

These classes are structured to develop strong and balanced acro dancers, 

capable of performing more challenging acro skills with precision and control. 

Now these students are cast in highly choreographed, epic acro dances for productions, competitions and public performances. 

Gold acro students are expected to sit annual exams. 

Tumbling and Tricks

Another exciting addition to our acro programme in 2023! 

Designed for acro dancers wanting to take their tumbling to the next level, 

this class will focus aerials, back handsprings, walkovers & advanced limbering.

Pre-requisites apply, contact us for more details.

Click here to view our Aerial Acro - Hoop (Lyra) class information!

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