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Ballet Uniform

Preparatory to Grade One Girls

Ballet pink cap sleeved leotard

Ballet pink skirt with bow

Ballet pink crossover

Ballet socks (until Primary)

Ballet tights (Grade one & up)

Ballet shoes with elastics

Grade Two to Grade Five Girls

Mulberry leotard

Mulberry wrap skirt

Mulberry crossover

Ballet tights

Ballet shoes with ribbons

*Grade fives require demi pointes and pointe shoes

Intermediate to Advanced 2 Girls

Rosebud red leotard

Rosebud red wrap lace skirt

Rosebud red ballet crossover (optional)

Ballet tights

Demi pointe shoes

Pointe shoes

Black half tutu

Preparatory to Grade Five Boys

White leotard or T-Shirt

Black shorts or tights

Black socks

Black ballet shoes with elastics

Intermediate to Advanced Two Boys

Black leotard and black tights; OR

Black unitard

Black socks

Black ballet shoes