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Modern Jazz

Jazz is super stylish, heaps of fun and great for those energizer bunnies.

With big leaps, fast turns and sharp isolations jazz is highly dynamic and a great way explore your own performance style.

Students experience a variety of syllabus and open classes, production and exam work throughout the year.

We use the International Dance Teachers' Association syllabus for examinations.

Preparatory & Primary

Such a fun introduction to movement to music

focusing creativity, rhythm and dynamics of dance.

We accept students into preparatory level from age 5.

Students must be 5 years old to sit the preparatory exam, 

and 6 years old to sit the primary exam

These levels are included in the Junior Jazz class,

60 minutes once a week

Grade One - Grade Five

These grades focus on developing a real sense of 

dynamics and contrasting movements,

allowing dancers to embrace moving in different ways 

and beginning to use the whole body to express.

Students must be 7 years old to sit Grade One; 

8 years or over for Grades Two to Five.

60 minute classes, once a week

Intermediate - Advanced Two

At these higher levels students now focus on building an excellent level of physical control over their bodies,

whilst also incorporating new concepts such as 

improvisation and interpretation.

Dancers in vocational levels also work on developing their 

own sense of performance and style.

Students must be 14 years old to sit vocational jazz exams

60 minutes classes, once a week

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