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Academy Houses

In 2020 we introduced Houses to The Rose Academy and our students love having the sense of comradery and purpose 

that comes from working as a team towards winning the House Cup.

Our houses are named after dancers who made a significant impact on the history of dance, people that serve as an inspiration to our young dancers. Students are allocated into one of the following houses; Pavlova, Fonteyn, Copeland, or Taglioni. 

Each house is led by a house captain, a senior student nominated for their leadership skills.

Students are awarded house points for a range of achievements and behaviours so all ages and abilities are included. 

We particularly encourage student excellence and contribution to the school. 

There are monthly projects for students to complete to earn points, and once a year we organise a House Day with lots of fun events.

Current House Points

Copeland: 0

Fonteyn: 0

Pavlova: 0

Taglioni: 0

2023 House Captains

Copeland: Paityn Angove

Fonteyn: Jordyn Gallagher

Pavlova: Isla Cabuay

Taglioni: Emily Carpendale

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