The Rose Academy

of Dance and Performing Arts Ltd. 


Exams are an excellent way to inspire young dancers to strive for a goal and to measure their success in a tangible way. They help develop a drive to achieve their goals, build confidence and experience the feeling of accomplishment. 
All students are expected to successfully sit their exams in order to progress to the next grade.
Progression to higher grades without passing the examination will be only at the Director's discretion after special assessment.
Examinations are held in Ballet, Modern Jazz, Acrobatic Dance, Musical Theatre, and Theatre Craft. 
Presentation assessments are available for Hip Hop and Contemporary. 
2018 exam timetables and fees schedules will be uploaded when this information becomes available.
Closer to exam time an 'exam survival guide' will also be made available to provide the best support possible to get you through exam season.