Productions are the highlight of the year for many dancers, where they get to see all their hard work and effort come to fruition and enjoy the full experience of performing on the big stage, with lights and costumes, for a real audience. These are an excellent opportunity to showcase all the wonderful talents and skills they have been developing in class and it is always exciting for everyone involved to see it all come together.

2021 Shows

Winter Wonderland

Escape with us to a winter wonderland as our junior dancers transform into cute snow angels, swarming snowflakes, a cool frost and more.

Plus there's the extra excitement of watching the finals of the choreography challenge and voting for your favourite to win this annual event.

Saturday 21 August 11.30am

Sunday 22 August 11.30am

The Globe Theatre, Palmerston North

The Mystery of the SIlver Slippers

It's showtime for our senior dancers, and this year they are booked to perform the classic ballet Giselle. Who will make it through the audition and claim the lead role and the coveted Silver Slippers? What lengths will disappointed dancers go to if they don't get cast? How can the show go on if the Silver Slippers are missing?

Watch the mystery unfold and see if our dancers can find the culprit and return the Silver Slippers just in time for their performance of Giselle.

Saturday 21 August 3.00pm

Sunday 22 August 3.00pm

The Globe Theatre, Palmerston North

Tickets from The Globe Booking office

Tickets go on sale 10 June 2021, don't miss out!

Some of the fantastic feedback from our production of The Ugly Duckling

"Congratulations and thank you for putting on such a wonderful show over the weekend. It was done to a really high standard and was a joy to watch. The girls loved being part of it and practice their swan dances every evening."

"What an awesome show you put together Ella absolutely loved it and it’s just amazing what all the children get out of an experience like that. Really glad to be a part of it."

"It was the best show he’d seen in 11 years of his girls dancing and he just loved it!!!"

"My husband who can be a harsh critic sometimes also thought it was amazing and you did a great job!!!"

"Hi Rose, thanks for your time and energy for the show. Sophia had a great time and really enjoyed the experience."

"Thank you so much Rose for all your energy & time that went into the show. Millie absolutely loved it (as did we!) you sure made her weekend & past few weeks. Thank you"

"What a fantastic show, you should be so very proud. I know my girls loved being a part of it."

"Fabulous show. Thk u! Not to be missed next year for sure!"

"I went to see the Rose Academy performance, it was wonderful. Everyone did such a great job. :) "

Link to article in the Manawatu Standard about our show!