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Productions are the highlight of the year for many dancers, where they get to see all their hard work and effort come to fruition and enjoy the full experience of performing on the big stage, with lights and costumes, for a real audience. As soon as the dancers arrive at the theatre, everyone is buzzing with excitement. 

These are an excellent opportunity to showcase all the wonderful talents and skills they have been developing in class and it is always exciting for everyone involved to see it all come together. We are very inclusive with our shows, giving everyone from the littlest dancers right through to our adults, time to shine on stage. 

2024 Production

2024 Show Poster Yellow Brick Road.png

Step into a world of enchantment and artistry with 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road,' a mesmerizing dance performance brought to life by the talented students of The Rose Academy of Dance. Inspired by the timeless classic, The Wizard of Oz, this magical journey combines the grace of ballet, the energy of jazz, the emotion of contemporary, the daring feats of acro, and the breathtaking beauty of aerial arts.

Embark on an adventure as our dancers weave a tale of courage, friendship, and self-discovery through captivating choreography and stunning visuals. From the iconic yellow brick road to the whimsical characters you know and love, every step resonates with passion and dedication, creating an unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages.

Join us as we transcend the ordinary and dive into a world where dreams take flight and imagination knows no bounds. 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' promises to be a spectacle that will leave you spellbound and inspired. Don't miss your chance to witness the magic unfold on stage!


Saturday 15th June, 3.00pm
Sunday 16th June, 3.00pm





2024 Rehearsal Schedule

Show Time Checklist for Senior Students

Show Time Checklist for Junior Students

The below resources are currently being revised and will be available again shortly:

Hair tutorial for Preps Ballet, Junior Jazz & Bronze Acro

Classical Bun tutorial

Video tutorial for Stage Make-Up ages 3 - 6 years

Video tutorial for Stage Make-Up for Junior Dancers

Video tutorial for Stage Make-Up for Senior Dancers

Guide for sewing and tying ribbons on ballet shoes

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