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Adult Classes

Dance is not just an art form; it's also a fantastic way to maintain youthful vitality, stay physically fit, and keep the mind sharp.

Why not join in on the fun?

Whether you have fond memories of dancing in your youth and wish to rekindle that passion,

or if you've always harbored a desire to dance but never took the plunge, our adult classes are tailor-made for you.

In our welcoming and inclusive environment, you'll find a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where

dancers of all backgrounds, experiences, and abilities come together to let loose and revel in the joy of dancing.

It's never too late to embrace the rhythm, express yourself, and make the most of the enriching world of dance.

Classical Ballet

In our adult ballet classes, we blend a dynamic combination of open sessions, where your experienced instructor tailors exercises to suit the unique needs of each class, and as well as structured syllabus work. Here, you'll discover the graceful art of pirouettes and arabesques as you navigate the dance floor with poise and confidence.

At The Rose Academy, we understand that every dancer has their own aspirations. That's why we offer the opportunity to pursue examinations if you wish, allowing you to chart your progress and accomplishments. Additionally, we provide thrilling performance opportunities for our esteemed older ballerinas, affording them the chance to shine onstage and share their love for dance with the world. Join us, and together, we'll embrace the beauty and joy of ballet at any age.

For ages 18+, all ability levels welcome.

Two 60 minute classes running per week, pick one or both to suit your schedule.

Acro Dance

If you're looking to enhance your flexibility, build strength, and refine your dance technique while exploring a unique dimension of movement, then our Adult Acro classes could be the perfect fit for you. Acro seamlessly blends elements from gymnastics, resulting in what can be aptly described as "upside-down ballet."

In our Adult Acro classes, you can expect a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses strengthening exercises, balance drills, limbering routines, invigorating stretches, and even the excitement of some tumbling. This holistic approach ensures that you not only develop newfound flexibility and strength but also hone your acrobatic skills while augmenting your dance technique.

Join us in the world of Adult Acro, where you'll uncover a whole new realm of physicality and artistic expression, enriching your dance journey in a dynamic and exhilarating way.

For ages 18+, all ability levels welcome.

60 minute class, once a week.



Aerial - Lyra

Introducing our brand-new Adult Aerial Lyra classes!

Ever dreamt of gracefully dancing while floating in the air? Our Aerial Lyra program brings this dream to life, offering a captivating fusion of dance and acrobatics. Begin your journey with Aerial Hoop (Lyra), an enchanting apparatus that allows you to perform suspended in mid-air.


Our instruction follows the internationally acclaimed Aerial Arts syllabus, ensuring your progression is both safe and skill-based. Develop your balance, master the art of spinning, rolling, and classic poses, all while building the strength needed for aerial acrobatics.

To maximize your skill development, we recommend supplementing your Aerial Lyra classes with weekly dance technique and acro sessions. Safety is paramount, and our certified coaches provide direct supervision during all Lyra work, with safety mats in place for your peace of mind.

For ages 18+, all ability levels welcome.

60 minute class, once a week.


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