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Theatre Craft

Theatre Craft is essentially the dance element of musical theatre.

From Bollywood to Latin, and Showgirl to Cabaret, 

there is such a wide variety of styles and international influences in this syllabus

it is excellent for developing dancers' versatility and performance qualities. Plus it is heaps of fun!

We use the International Dance Teachers' Association Syllabus

Preparatory & Primary

Introductory levels providing a foundation in musicality, rhythm and movement

We take students into preparatory level from 4 years, 

and primary from 5 years old.

Grade One - Grade Five

These levels further develop of musicality 

and expressive movement.

The variety in style and international influences that makes this syllabus so fun is also introduced in these grades.

Students must be at least 7 years old to enter graded exams

Intermediate - Advanced Two

The higher vocational levels are now focusing on performance skills, preparing dancers for auditions and learning how to dance in heels.

Theatre craft provides an excellent foundation for going on to perform in Broadway style shows, cabaret, 

chorus lines or cruise ships.

Students must be at least 13 years old to enter vocational exams.

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