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The Rose Academy

Established in 2018, The Rose Academy stands as a distinguished boutique dance institution renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional standards in the instruction of dance technique and artistry.

Master Teacher Rose Brownlie personally teaches all classes, ensuring students benefit from her wealth of expertise. Miss Rose's qualifications include RAD RTS & FIDTA ballet, AIDTA jazz, Acrobatic Arts Certified, Aerial Arts Certified, 

Progressing Ballet Technique Certified, and a BSc in Nutrition.


 Within our intimate class settings, we prioritise personalised coaching for each and every student. Our approach fosters a culture of excellence, where all dancers are encouraged to pursue their fullest potential, guided by positive teaching methods that consistently yield remarkable results.

Our accomplished dancers have achieved championship victories and secured first-place honors at esteemed regional competitions. They've also earned coveted spots in prestigious national aspirational programs, demonstrating their exceptional talent and dedication. Furthermore, some have even triumphantly auditioned and been selected to perform as child extras alongside the

Royal New Zealand Ballet.

At The Rose Academy, our unwavering passion lies in the art of coaching and turning the dreams of aspiring dancers into resounding realities.

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Our comprehensive dance program encompasses a diverse array of disciplines, including syllabus ballet, open ballet technique, modern jazz, acrobatic dance, aerial acro hoop (Lyra), lyrical contemporary, theatre craft, Progressing Ballet Technique, and stretch & conditioning. This meticulously crafted curriculum is designed to cultivate well-rounded dancers, equipping them with a rich skill set and invaluable experience that propels them toward promising and exhilarating futures.

Myself and my two daughters love being part of The Rose Academy whānau! Rose is a fantastic teacher and has taught my girls to such an exceptional standard that they receive high exam scores and awards when competing.


Our Studio

Indulge in the joy of dancing in our beautiful purpose-built studio, conveniently nestled in the heart of Palmerston North. You'll discover us located above Central Rentals, just adjacent to the Plaza, making access to our world of dance effortless and convenient.

Our Classes

Prospective students have the choice to enroll as either recreational or aspirational dancers at The Rose Academy. Recreational students have the flexibility to select their preferred classes based on personal interests. On the other hand, aspirational students benefit from a tailor-made program of classes meticulously designed to align with their individual goals and aspirations.

Regardless of the path chosen, all our students relish the opportunity to showcase their talents in our annual productions and partake in graded examinations that mark their progress. For those seeking additional growth and challenges, we highly recommend participation in dance competitions as a means to further develop their skills and artistry.

To explore our classes in detail, kindly refer to our Classes page.

Our Values

At The Rose Academy, our dance family spans from the youngest of preschoolers taking their very first dance steps, to our dedicated aspiring ballerinas, and extends warmly to include our adult dancers. Each and every student is embraced as a cherished member of our close-knit community. 

Our mission is to inspire and guide every student towards realizing their boundless potential and attaining excellence. Through dance, we foster the development of essential life skills, including confidence, motor coordination, and cognitive abilities, all while forging enduring friendships that last a lifetime.

We firmly believe in the power of dreaming big, setting ambitious goals to chase those dreams, and instilling a tireless work ethic to accomplish those goals. With the right attitude, we affirm that the possibilities are limitless, and together, we embark on a journey of boundless opportunities and achievements.

Acro Acrobatic Gymnastic Dance
Acro Acrobatic Gymnastic Dance
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