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Classical Ballet

With its timeless grace, pure lines, and captivating expressiveness,

classical ballet has held audiences enthralled since its inception in the 15th century.

Even in contemporary times, ballet continues to command a fervent following,

with countless young girls nurturing dreams of donning ballet shoes and becoming aspiring ballerinas.

Ballet's enduring legacy is not confined to its own realm; its core techniques have served as the bedrock for the development of numerous modern dance forms, including jazz, lyrical, and contemporary styles. Thus, ballet stands as the ideal launchpad for anyone embarking on their dance journey, offering a solid foundation to explore the rich tapestry of dance disciplines.


What to expect in our ballet clas​ses

Our meticulously crafted Classical Programme is designed to offer a harmonious blend of essential elements,

encompassing technique, conditioning, choreography, and artistic expression.

Throughout the year, our dedicated students will embark on a holistic journey, immersing themselves in a diverse range of classes.

These encompass both syllabus and non-syllabus sessions, providing a well-rounded dance education

that nurtures both structured proficiency and creative exploration.

In our commitment to excellence, we offer opportunities for examinations that adhere to the esteemed RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus. Additionally, students have the option to further expand their horizons by opting to sit IDTA (International Dance Teachers' Association) exams, enabling them to refine their skills and showcase their mastery of the art.

Preschool, Preparatory & Primary

Our Preschool Ballet classes are truly enchanting, providing a delightful introduction to the world of movement and music. These classes center around nurturing the young imagination and fostering creativity.

We love to infuse our classes with imaginative themes such as Princesses, Under the Sea, and Twinkling Stars, which not only captivate our little dancers but also serve as a subtle foundation for the development of classical ballet technique.

We warmly welcome aspiring dancers as young as 3 years old to join our Preschool Ballet program. It's important to note that to sit for the Preparatory exam, students must be 4 years old, and for the Primary exam, a minimum age of 5 years is required. These milestones mark the exciting progress of our youngest dancers as they begin their magical journey into the world of ballet.


Preschool & Preparatory 30 minute class | Primary 45 minute class

Grade One - Grade Five

Starting from Grade One and progressing upwards, our students embark on a transformative journey with Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) at the commencement of each class. PBT is a groundbreaking program that focuses on building muscle memory, enhancing conditioning, and honing ballet technique. Utilizing fit balls and TheraBands, students refine their skills, ensuring they develop the strength and precision essential for ballet excellence.

As our grade students advance, they continually delve into new concepts and techniques, fostering strength, coordination, and the refinement of muscle memory. It's during these levels that we witness the emergence of passion and self-drive in our dancers, and we wholeheartedly support and nurture these qualities. We guide our students to embrace the art of technique refinement, explore their artistic expression, and prepare themselves for

dazzling performances.

Upon reaching Grade Five, students enter the enchanting world of pointe work, provided they have successfully completed a pre-pointe assessment—a momentous step in their dance journey.

In recognition of their achievements and ongoing progress, all students at Grade One and beyond are bestowed with their personalized goal sheet, a tool that aids them in acknowledging and celebrating their individual milestones.


Please note that for graded exams, students must be at least 7 years old to participate. Additionally, starting from Grade Three onwards, students must partake in an additional weekly ballet class to qualify for their upcoming exams.

Intermediate - Advanced Two

At the vocational level, our students undergo an intensive training regimen aimed at elevating their dance technique to an exceptional standard. In addition to honing their technical prowess,

a strong emphasis is placed on cultivating their

artistry and performance skills.

To enhance their training, we continue to incorporate the Progressing Ballet Technique program at the outset of each class, complementing their overall development. Furthermore, our senior students receive invaluable education on the significance of

warm-up routines, cross-training, nutrition, and

proper recovery techniques to ensure they maintain peak

physical condition for their demanding dance endeavors.

In our unwavering commitment to their growth, we actively seek out performance opportunities for our vocational students. Our senior dancers frequently secure lead roles in productions, delve into the rich repertoire of classic ballets, and enthusiastically participate in community events, enriching their experience

and broadening their horizons.

Pointe work becomes an integral component of all classes at this level, providing our students with the necessary foundation

for this challenging aspect of ballet.

Our vocational students work diligently toward their own set of goals, aligning their ambitions with their dedication to their craft.

To participate in vocational ballet exams, students should have reached the age of 13.

Students at this level must attend a minimum of

2 ballet classes per week to qualify for exam entry.

We recommend taking an additional dance class per week to

further enhance their skills and ensure they remain at the

pinnacle of their dancing abilities. 

Vocational classes are 90 minutes.

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